Wednesday, October 21, 2009

created life.

Look very closely.... there are two pink lines.
Amazing really, that two pink lines can change your life.
I crept back into bed after seeing those two life changing lines... and for a moment just reveled in how much I love my husband.. how lucky I am to be held by a man who protects and cares for me as though I am rare and precious. And then whispered into his ear "Want to know something?"
He nodded.
"We're going to have a baby."
And we smiled. God is fabulous at breathtaking moments. And I love that our life together seems to be full of them.
The rest of that morning is a memory I'd like to keep for myself. The sacred moments after we found out that our lives will never be the same. In the dark, quiet warmth of morning we embraced together an incredible gift. To know and be known by a God who took our love and out of it... created life.
More to come soon. Promise.
Much Love,