Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Love covers a multitude of spit...

Awhile ago the kids and I were at the mall play place. I like to take them there when we are having a particularly "energetic" day. This day was no exception. And when we're there... I'll be honest... I stand my post at the entrance so none of my little fireballs can escape and that is where I stay put. So I'm holding a fussy baby and sipping my Caribou having a lovely moment of caffination when a prim and proper looking grandmother comes my way.

"Excuse me Maam" she says in that no nonsense tone that tells me I don't really want to hear whats coming next.

"Yes?" I said smiling as widely as I could knowing she was about to tell me one of my little angels had done something she thought severe enough to get my attention.

"Did you know your little girl is spitting at the other children and on all of the equipment?"

I look over at Rorie who is indeed making quite the puddle of spit as well as thouroughly enjoying giving everyone who comes her way a nice little shower. Then I look at the woman with a scowl on her face and nearly spit my beloved little drink all over her when I start to laugh hysterically.

"Uh... um... I'm so sorry about that." I say trying to contain myself as I go up to Rorie and tell her to stop.

Rorie looks at me, smiles, and spits again. So I grab her and we have our little battle as the prim and proper no nonsense lady gives me that look.

Then sweet 2 yr. old little Vaeh says loudly. "Don't worry Gorie! I woll wipe it wit my shurt!" So she takes her shirt and wipes up the puddle (I'm not kidding it was a puddle) of spit on the slide and then comforts Rorie. "There Gorie, all better!" I laugh and give the no nonsense lady a little smile and attempt to dry off Vaeh's no soaked little tee-shirt. No nonsense lady walks away unamused and keeps her grandchilden as far away from my brood as possible and we continue to play happily for another half hour with very few spit attacks.

And although this happend awhile ago... for some reason the Lord keeps brining it to my mind lately. I'm beginning to think I know why.

A week or so ago, my husband and I were spit on. Not literally but with words.. really nasty, disrespectful, hurtful, threatening words. Only I didn't feel as gracious as Vaeh. I just felt wronged. I wanted to throw some words back, write a letter, cut off all contact, get a restraining order... I wanted something to show this individual that what they had done was indeed very very wrong! But for one week I did and said nothing as the Lord (and my sweet husband) worked on my not so gracious heart. Then yesterday and today this story kept coming back to my mind.

Vaeh didn't care that the spit was not her own, nor that she would have to get her shirt all yucky to wipe it up. She saw Rorie getting in trouble and she wanted to cover for her... take it upon herself to make it better... make it right.. even though Rorie could care less. Her love for Rorie took cover and righted the wrong.


I wish I could say that because I love Jesus it's easy to forgive someone who spits on me.... It's not.

I wish I could say that turning the other cheek makes you feel holy and like you are being a better person.... sometimes getting your cheek slapped just plain hurts.

I wish I could tell you that I would gracoiusly offered my shirt to wipe up the nasty, biting words with no thought at all..... It took me a lot of thought.

What I can say is that I would rather wipe up the spit than spit back. I would rather offer mercy over judgement, kind words over hateful ones, and cover the offence with love rather than spit.

Because love covers over a multitude of sin... or spit... however you want to look at it.

Thanks for the reminder sweet Vaeh.

Much Love,


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  2. Hi, Kayla! My name's Danae, and I found your blog not to long ago. It has definitely blessed me! Kayla, I love how real and beautiful you are here . . . keep shining. :) Can't wait to read your next post and to meet you someday in Heaven! :) May God fill your day with His grace and drench you with His blessings. . . danae <3
    PS Oh, by the way, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind talking more about Grace Refuge and what it is sometime? It sounds incredible! :)