Monday, January 18, 2010

Breathing Deeply...

We had another appointment today. This one was a little longer. Our ultrasound tech was wonderful! She took her time and let us look at every finger... every toe... spine and ribs... heartbeat. It was wonderful. Simply wonderful.

Afterwards, we headed to Dr. Goerish. She came in and greeted us with such good news. The hematoma is measuring only about half of what it did last week! This is a very good thing... as it leads us to believe that it may just disappear completely within a few weeks. I smiled the entire appointment. There are, of course, no certainties. But, this is good news... and we are rejoicing!

They did find a septum on my uterus. I had no idea what exactly a septum was. This is my basic understanding after Dr. Goerish explained it to me:

Basically, my uterus is shaped like a heart. Imagine the middle of the heart goes down too far. That is a septum... basically a part of the muscle that just goes down too far. She explained that it puts you at a larger risk for a miscarriage (but then told me that I am past the point where they worry about that as our baby did not implant on the septum but to the right of it.) She said we do need to watch it because it does put me at higher risk for pre-term labor and a C-section as it constricts how baby grows and limits the positions the baby can be in.

I laughed. I know... probably not appropriate... but I did. I mean, at this point I'm pretty much a high risk for everything... so this was simply not that shocking.

"Aren't I already at a high risk for both of those things?"

We both laughed. She went on to explain that she doesn't think this is a big deal right now as it doesn't seem to be interfering with anything at this point and we will simply continue to watch it. I went on to tell her that at this point I could care less how this baby is delivered as long as we have a healthy, near full term baby.

She is also allowing me to have a little more freedom. I still cannot work or lift or do anything strenuous whatsoever. BUT... I can get up a little more, do my dishes, fold the laundry, and simply stand up!!!! Sweet goodness I never knew I'd be so grateful to be able to stand.

Amazing how God changes your perspective.

My thyroid also came back a little off. So she did a couple of more tests today and said she has had one other patient who had heart palpitations because her thyroid was off during pregnancy. If my levels are off again today she'll put me on medication for that and everything should be fine. More, good news. And, everything with the heart monitor came back normal :)

Oh... and in other news... We found out what our sweet little baby will be today! And yes, we even have a name. But, as we want to be fully sure before we introduce you to our sweet little babe so you can pray for him/her by name, we are waiting until next week to introduce you. I'll post pictures then... promise!!!

Stay tuned. As always, we are humbled and so grateful that you are walking this road with us.

Much love,

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