Friday, January 22, 2010

Many of you have made yourselves known these past few weeks. Until now, I really had no idea how many read my words. And in so many ways I am completely thankful and totally flattered. But honestly... I think I need to confess that more than once I have gone back intending to delete a post. It's not easy to allow so many into the shadows of your heart... your walk... your flaws. And as much as I love to write... I've always done it more for myself than anyone else. Maybe it's a defect... I need to write things... relive them before I fully understand.

So lately my fingers hit the keys often... in an effort to make all that is grey in my life tangible with black and white. I used to scrapbook life... I never fully took to that. I've always liked this better, simple and honest... letting words come and not allowing myself to edit their depth nor their simplicity. I have years of journals written. It was only recently that I began to to share those words with all of you.

This hasn't been easy for me.

When it comes to letting each of you in to the confines of my heart... to the things of that keep me up at humanness and flaws... my questions and fears and my deep deep love for Him... I've struggled. Yet, I feel deeply compelled to share. And I have been blessed in doing so.

Many of you who read this I know well. Others, I know but not deeply. And still others of you I have never even met. And I just want to say that as hard as it has been for me at times to share so much of my heart... you all have made it incredibly wonderful. Your kind words, letters, and emails have moved me beyond words. And for those of you who have written and told me that you've been reminded of His love... of the God who gives songs in the night... within the confines of these pages... I'm humbled. My deepest hope is that my words would be full of Him.

If you're here and havn't made yourself known to me... I'd really love to meet you :)

I think all I simply wanted to say is that I'm glad each and every one of you are here... and although sometimes this is difficult for me... you have made it completely worth it.

Much Love,

OH!! Don't forget to stop back Monday to meet our sweet baby!!!

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