Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A few more details and growth update!

Jayda only got a 6 out of 8 on her Ultrasound today which isn't bad but they wanted me to come in for some further monitoring. I went into the hospital and they put me on the monitor for awhile. Jayda did just fine :) Oh! And she has grown a little bit too! Miss Jayda was weighing in at 4.4 pounds today. The ultrasound tech took several measurements and averaged them so hopefully this is accurate. We are praying she'll be close to 5 Ibs by delivery.

I forgot to mention last night that when Dr. Goerish checked me I was thinned out and dialated to a 3. Looks like Miss Jayda was planning an early entry anyways...

Let's just hope our sweet girl stays in there until next Thursday.

My C-section is scheduled for then! So... if all goes according to plan... we will be meeting her on May 27th!


People keep asking me how I'm doing.

And because I know what prayer warriors you all are... I'm going to be honest. Concerning Jayda I am doing just fine. I feel at peace about them taking her out early. My Dr. is incredible and has been throughout this entire pregnancy and truly truly cares about what is best for me and Jayda. She has been nothing but sympathetic and wonderful through ALL of this. I'm okay with the fact we may have to be in the hospital for a little while. I'm really okay with all of it. I'm ready for her to be here. I'm ready to meet my sweet fiesty little daughter.

However, there is a situation... totally unpregnancy related that I don't want to go into great detail over. But it's causing me a great deal of stress which is making it really hard to get any kind of rest and stay calm. There is really no way to know if thats why my blood pressure was elevated but I wouldn't be surprised. So without going into specifics... will you all just please pray that I don't allow it to get to me and steal my peace? Will you all just pray that God will move what looks like a very big mountain?

I know you all will... which is why I ask.

Thank you for covering me, Micaiah, and our Jayda!
We'll all be meeting her soon.


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