Monday, May 17, 2010

More of the Unexpected...

I had my 35 week appointment today... I am actually 1 day away from being 35 weeks. My blood pressure is elevated (but not to the point of any major concern). Also, I am now only measuring 32 weeks. We are thinking her other measurements were off because of Jayda being breech and having her head shoved way up in my ribs :)

Dr. Goerish does not feel comfortable with me trying to deliver naturally at this point (neither do I) as Jayda is already stressed, breech, etc. And we both agreed a C-section is most definitly the safest way. That said, she no longer wants to wait until 37 weeks. Although Jayda's ultrasounds look fine now... she said that with placenta issues things can happen very quickly and at any time and the safest possible thing to do is get her out. Assuming of course that her lungs are developed. Because smaller babies are more distressed and have to work harder anyway... and because I had steroid shots... we are doing the amniocentesis next Tuesday (at exactly 36weeks) and if it comes back showing her lungs are developed enough.... miss Jayda will be greeting us on Thursday or Friday of next week.

Yes... I said next week.

I know... I'm freaking out just a little too.

But I feel really good about it. This has been a long pregnancy with many MANY complications and we are all thinking our sweet girl will simply fare better outside of me at this point.

Because she will be a preemie... and very small (even for a preemie) we need to expect that she will be in the hospital at least an extra week if not longer. There is a good chance I will not get to be with her right away and that she'll need to be in the nursery. We will most likely have to do syringe feedings etc. The good news is that as long as there is room at the hospital... I will be able to stay with her for as long as she is hospitalized... and as long as there are no severe complications we will get to stay in Mankato.

So... here is the gameplan.

Pray! Very hard and very often... for Jayda's lungs to develop, for her to grow, for the C-section to go well, for the hospital stay to be short, for peace, and for extra room at the hospital so I can stay with my baby and for anything and everything else that may be laid on your heart.

I'm writing this in a rush as we have to get to our Newborn Care Class tonight. I'm sure there are details I'm forgetting but for now... this should be the jist of it. I will still have an ultrasound on Tuesday and Friday this week and if anything is off we will deliver immediatly. I am done with appointments with Dr. Goerish as I'll see her Tuesday for our amnio and then Thursday or Friday for the C-section (we do not know the day yet because scheduling was booked up so I'll post when I know).

Thank you... as always for your love and your prayers...


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  1. So I don't know how I came across your blog (I searched jayda and preemie on google and came across it). My daughter Jayda was also a preemie (much much earlier though). She was a 26 weeker born at 1lb 9oz 13.5in long. She was in the nicu for 90 days. She is turning a year old on June 6th and is so healthy and happy and thriving. Just know that your baby is in a very very good spot at this point. I hope this isn't too wierd but I just wanted to let you know that everything will be ok and to give you some hope. My blog is if you are interested in my story. God bless and good luck!