Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Small and Mighty :)

Just a quick update...

My amnio went great this morning! They monitored Jayda for a half hour afterwards and she is still doing just fine... small but mighty this one :)

Of course I'm anxiously awaiting the call tomorrow that will let us know if her lungs are developed enough. I told her I'd really appreciate if she could be ready this week as her daddy starts inventory next week and it would not be a good week for him to have to find someone to work the 4am-1pm shift at work. I also told her I'd appreciate it if she could be over five pounds.

I haven't been able to put on any weight the last couple of weeks... this week I even lost a pound or two because of the fact that our air conditioning is broken (well okay... completely shot as we just found out today) and that makes me very hot and very NOT in the mood to eat. That and our fridge went out as well so we have no cold food.

I'm not making this up.

No air conditioning... no fridge... and the hottest May I can possibly remember. I was joking today that I'm looking forward to staying in the hospital... at least they have air conditioning :) And cold food :)

For a minute I really did want to cry about all of this... the fridge and the air conditioning and the fact that it's like a sauna in my house and I'm swollen up like a balloon... and sweating like a pig... and the fact that no, we do not have $4,000 to fix these issues... But, I'm trying to keep it all in perspective.

If all goes well on the amnio I'm meeting my daughter in just two days. Months ago they told me she may not even make it to 23 weeks.... today I am 36. So the fridge and the air conditioning and all the little things... seem exactly that... little. Extremely little compared to the very big miracle that is our daughter.

Small and mighty precious girl.... oh how I can't wait to get you in my arms and kiss your sweet face!

In the nice air conditioned hospital room ;)

Much love to you all! I'll be updating from the hospital as I can. Watch the sidebar of the blog for tweets :) I'll try to use that for quick updates as I don't know how much internet acess we'll have in the hospital.

Hopefully next time I write you'll all be able to see her sweet face.

Much Love,

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